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Timeline of HK and Chinese film industry milestones

HK & Chinese language film industry milestones:

1926 Yuan Lingyu, the legend of the silent era, made her 1st film, A Married Couple in Name only.
1934 SB's (Shaw Bros') 1st movie Platinum Dragon was released.
1934 Ruan Lingyu's most notable silent film, The Goddess, was made.
1935 Ruan Lingyu died at the age of 24 ensured her fame of the icon of Chinese silent film.
1958 SB's 1st colour (Huangmei Opera) movie Diau Charn was made.
1963 The Love Eterne, the most well known Huangmeixi was produced.
1966 Come Drink with Me, a King Hu's film that redefines the wuxia genre.
1967 The 1st One-Armed Swordsman was made by Chang Cheh.
1970 GH made its 1st (wuxia) film The Angry River.
1971 King Hu made the most famous nuxia/wuxia at the time, A Touch of Zen
1971 Bruce Lee kicked ass in his 1st film, The Big Boss. Made by GH (Golden Harvest).
1972 Bruce Lee starred in The Chinese Connection. Made in GH.
1972 Bruce Lee produced, directed, and acted in The Way of the Dragon
1972 1st lesbian nuxia flick, Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan.
1972 Angela Mao starred as the 1st hapkido & female lead in a kungfu flick in Hapkido.
1973 Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee's final completed film, was shown in the cinema.
1973 Bruce Lee died on 20 July.
1976 Liu Chia-Liang made his 1st successful film Dirty Ho.
1978 Jackie Chan's Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, making his departure from Bruceploitation.
1978 Drunken Master, another Jackie Chan/Yuen Woo-ping cooperative success.
1978 Gordon Liu/Liu Chia Liang's 1st shot to fame with The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.
1979 Sammo Hung made his mark in The Magnifcant Butcher with Yuen Woo-ping.
1981 Yuen Biao made his milestone film The Prodigal Son with Sammo Hung.
1981 Kara Hui played the 1st nuxia in kungfu genre in a SB production The Young Auntie.
1982 The Shaolin Temple launched Jet Li's film career.

To be continued...

All the reviews of the above titles could be found in my IMDB list.

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