Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Decent Pizza and Tiramisu at Modesto's @ Orchard

1 Tanglin Road
#01-09/10 Orchard Parade Hotel
Singapore 247905

Went to the Australian High Commission to renew my passport. Afterward, my tummy yearned for yummy eatery in a hurry (not necessarily curry). I thought of Modesto's nearby. 2 bus stops. I had never visited it, but i had ordered their pizza deliveries before.

exterior, Modesto's @ Orchard, Singapore

 The Place 
The restaurant is at the end of Orchard Road, and at the corner of Tanglin Road. Judging from their address, officially, it's located on Tanglin Road.

exterior, Modesto's @ Orchard, Singapore

Interior, Modesto's @ Orchard, Singapore

 The Food 

Modesto's @ Orchard, Singapore
I highly recommend the warm water

Diavola Pizza (Pork Salami):  8.5 / 10.
I've tried several toppinga, but i find the simplest and most classical of pork salami to be the best. Just like the restaurant's name, i like food that's modesto.

Diavola pizza, Modesto's @ Orchard, Singapore
Diavola pizza

This is the thin-crust pizza that's what you would find in restaurants in Rome (actually this is still slightly thicker than those in Italy). So the word i'm looking for is "authentic"?

I must say i do prefer the slim type (not necessarily people). I suspect the very thick-base and chunky pizza with lots of cheese is an American invention (just like the Chinese fortune cookies). The Yanks do like big things: big cars, KFC's big chicken bucket that's the same size as my mop bucket. The cappuccino too, is a tad big.

The pizza was really easily to go down, crispy and not too cheesy. Because it's so thin, it doesn't flop and drop its topping when you hold them. No flop and drop. Let's be civilised.

Tiramisu  Modesto's:  8.5 / 10.
I couldn't resist my fave Italian dessert even though this was a bit much for lunch. It went straight to my thighs, which is ok because nobody looks at my thighs, unfortunately.

The spongy part of the cake is quite light and fluffy with perfect alternative balanced layers of cream and sponge. My only complain is that it could be a little colder.

Tiramisu cake dessert